Jo Novelli-Blasko (jonovelli.com) is an artist and writer living in Johnstown Pennsylvania. Her practice combines watercolor, research, writing and performance. She is currently writing “Red Flags” a collection of ficto-criticsm about living as an ABD (someone who completed the all academic requirements for a PhD except the dissertation: All But Dissertation). Jo’s scholarly work focused on the performative nature of the archives in contemporary art, it has been presented internationally in diverse circumstances.

Jo studied Art History at Arizona State University and Performance Studies at New York University. She has taught about performance, art history, writing and the interdisciplinary humanities. Jo mentored and tutored students at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and Arizona State University’s  Herberger Institute of Arts. She was also the marketing and communications coordinator of Career Services program at Arizona State University.

Jo is the founder of The Habitorium (thehabitorium.com), a vehicle for her painting and research about habits. She offers watercolor technique, cursive writing, and ‘Write from Life’ workshops. Her studio is for making and learning. Jo’s creative works have been shown in rogue contexts across the United States. More formal stagings have been produced in venues like The Space (Long Island City), Grant Street Studios, The Ice House, and Trunk Space in Phoenix AZ, and Venue of Merging Arts in Johnstown.

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